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Monday, 6 February 2012

Fabric Hearts Bunting

Hello there, on this Snowy Monday!

Today sees the start of my Valentine's week of easy blog-makes. This delightful little project shows you how to make a swag of bunting for your kitchen.

It is not complicated, I promise!! and you could make the padded hearts in an hour or so. For the whole project, all you need are three fabric hearts and four twiggy hearts.

Lella Loves... Valentine's Ideas

The padded hearts are made from an off-cut of fabric and are stuff with recycled polyester filling (washed and saved from old poly-fill pillows).

Lella Loves... Recycling

A good stash of fabric and off-cuts is always a sight to behold!

If you wanted to learn more about recycling centres and how to salvage upholstery samples, please search in my blog's archive for Recycling Arts Clubs or click this link:

Lella Loves... Fabric Hearts

To make your hearts, simply draw a template and cut out two sides for each heart.

Sew them together with the fabric facing inside out.

Leave an inch gap and then turn the hearts right side out.

Stuff with the filling and then hand-sew the hole using tiny stitches.

Lella Loves... Twiggy Hearts

These are handmade twiggy hearts made from willow. You could make them yourself but to save time this week, they can be found online or in Hobby Craft stores nationwide - £5.99 for 8.

Lella Loves... Valentine's Ideas

To create your heart garland, lay out the three padded hearts and use the twiggy hearts as spacers in between. When you are happy with the look, sew each of the padded hearts and the twiggy hearts together using three or four loopy stitches to hold the two hearts in place. Use invisible thread or microfine fishing wire to hide the joins.

Lella Loves... Heart Bunting

*Tip: Don't make the joining stitches too tight as your garland will buckle. Leave them ever so slightly slack. This will give the garland its natural swag.

I hope you pop back tomorrow for another heart-themed craft project. Do let me know if you make any of this week's blog-makes as I would like to see photos.

Bye for now,

Lella  xx

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