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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Vintage Packaging

If you love vintage packaging and original advertising from years gone by, I do hope you will enjoy this little selection of cardboard boxes.

Lella Loves... Vintage Packaging

I collect anything (be quiet, Mr Lella!) which has had a life and yet is still lovely to look at. Cadbury's Chocolate Cremes were the original contents of this box but the packaging is so lovely that the previous owner retained the box and used it to store dressmaking pins.

Lella Loves... Vintage Packaging

This egg box is in amazing condition. I bought it off a dealer who had found a stash of them in a house clearance. Some were water damaged as they were stored in a crate and then, long-forgotten, up in a loft but there were a few perfect examples.

Discovering an egg box or...

Lella Loves... Vintage Packaging

a vintage dispensing box from a French chemist is all part of the pleasure of finding things and having a good rummage at a flea market.

Lella Loves... Vintage Packaging

Beautiful packaging can be strong and reliable. Likewise, hardy and well-made can be beautiful. This is an old laundry box c1930 - 1940. I love the reinforced corners and the effort put in to the front label.

To demonstrate the size of my biggest vintage box, I took the photo with a tiny lamp bulb and a penny.

Lella Loves... Vintage Packaging

Bringing lovely buys home and displaying them gives endless joy to thousands of collectors. This is a delightful little Fairy Dye box with all the instructions on the packaging.

Lella Loves... Vintage Packaging

The Milwards box is very well made and is still filled with crochet hooks.

Lella Loves... Vintage Packaging

First Aid items are usually in great condition if found unused as they have had the benefit of being stored in a box which is then kept in a cupboard. This finger burn dressing is immaculate.

It amazes me how some things have survived but I am always super excited to find them in a box at a car boot or at a flea.

If you go food shopping, enjoy looking at the creativity and design on the boxes of everyday foodstuffs like custard and herbs.

Have a great day.

Lella  xx

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