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Monday, 17 October 2011

Vintage Games (Lotto)

I love old toys and both of these Lotto sets came from the same flea market but about six weeks apart.

Finding and displaying vintage games doesn't require loads of money or loads of space.

Lella Loves... Vintage Games

Anyone fancy a game of Lotto?

Lella Loves... Vintage Games

This is a French set and it seems rather strange as to why they decided to promote their game with Eastern images.

Lella Loves... Vintage Games

All the cards are in lovely condition. They were printed in colour and this is a clue to dating paper ephemera or books. After the second world war, many printers were still following strict economy guidelines which were in force at the time.

Lella Loves... Vintage Games

There are always some numbers missing. After 60 years, it is to be expected. It also answers the question of why I collect vintage Lotto sets!

Lella Loves... Vintage Games

Lotto numbers are hand-printed and I am yet to find a game with a full set of 100. It doesn't bother me as the more sets I find, combining the numbers is part of the fun.

Lella Loves... Vintage Games

This set of Lotto was made in England and the cards were printed in England. It was in a very sorry state. The box was torn and very tatty and it needed a home :)

Lella Loves... Vintage Games

Most dealers are always up for a haggle and, as he has dealt with me previously, it cost me £2 and a cup of tea.

Lella Loves... Vintage Games

The cards in this set are really lovely. The chequered printing is delightful.

Lella Loves... Vintage Games

Displaying these on a mantle with a seasonal pumpkin or a few acorns is a chic way to bring the autumn into your home. By embracing the seasons with your collections, you will create lovely displays.

Think change to think style.

Have a great day :)

Lella xx

1 comment:

  1. Hi Lella,
    I love the old games. Lots of fun!
    xoxo Ingrid


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