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Monday, 22 August 2011

Framing Up (Muslin)

Hello there and Happy Monday :)  It is the beginning of a new week so let's start with a fabric project. Today I will share with you just how easy it can be to create your own piece of artwork to compliment your home's interiors.

Here is a lovely hand-printed gold elephant, on muslin, which I framed up in less than an hour. 

Lella Loves... Framing Fabrics

I have a muslin panel curtain by my front door and I had trimmed off about 10 inches to make it fit the window frame. The excess was not enough to make another window dressing but I keep all my off-cuts and scraps. I also keep any fabric with elephants because I love elephants.  (Ah... Elephants. Another project, another day!)

Lella Loves... Framing Fabrics

The pear print (below) was one of a pair, the other being an apple, which were purchased at a car boot sale for £2 each. However, I didn't like the apple print but I fell in love the frames as they are chunky and wooden. 

Lella Loves... Framing Fabrics

So, with another project in mind, I brought both of my prints home. Rummaging in my fabric box, I took the off-cut from the elephant muslin panel and by using the unwanted apple print as a sizing template, I marked out the elephant and where to cut. 

*Tip: Measure twice. Cut once! This handy tip will save you money and fabric. 

Taking the cut fabric, I laid it out and looked for a piece of scrap to place behind the elephant as, with all muslin, it is diaphanous. Using off-cuts in muted tones will not detract from your image.

Lella Loves... Framing Fabrics

Opting for an old cotton shirt, I pinned the elephant in place and gently ironed making sure the elephant and gold ink were face down or else the gold paint might melt on contact with your iron.

Here is an example of the same muslin on a toning piece of backing fabric. I save all cotton shirts and linen pillow cases as the fabric is very expensive to purchase new.

Now your elephant is cut, cotton-backed and ironed, you need to take the board from the back of the frame and fix the elephant into place. I used masking tape to do this.

You will want to make sure the mounted fabric and the frame are a snug fit.

Lella Loves... Elephants

And here is my lovely framed elephant. This project had hardly any costs as I used a muslin off-cut, cotton scraps to back it with, some tape and a frame bought for £2. 

All you need to create a similar picture is some pretty fabric, a frame, scissors and tape.

Lella Loves... Framing Fabrics

Many people who enjoy creating things for their home might not be into crafts per se but everyone likes the feeling of standing back and looking at something they have made.

I do hope this has inspired you to make something fabulous this week. Look for scrap fabric or 'bin ends' in John Lewis' fabric department. You never know what you might find.

Please leave a comment if you enjoyed this project.

Many thanks

Lella  xx

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