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Monday, 8 August 2011

Plaster Casting

Hello there and Happy Monday :)

Today's project is a very addictive craft and you will be rewarded with quick results. Casting plaster is easily available, not too messy and you could even sell the items you make.

You will be surprised at the good value a bag of casting plaster. A little project such as this could all be bought for under £10.  Naturally, the amount of plaster you use will be dependant upon the mould size so purchase a small design, like I did, to get you started.

Here's one which is hanging on my bathroom wall.

Lella Loves... Plaster Casting

You will need:

Casting plaster in its powder form.
A (reusable) mould of your choice - I used a cherub's head and wings which was about £4 but look online for sale items as I saw a moon and stars mould for £1.50 last week. 
Copper wire 1mm thick.
An old bowl to mix the plaster with water.
NB: Never, ever pour your leftovers down the drain!

Lay newspaper down before you start. Mix your plaster according to the instructions on the packet, have your mould ready and as you pour, gently tap the mould to encourage any air bubbles to come to the surface.

*Tip: If you intend hanging your creation on the wall, snip a 3 inch piece of copper wire and bend it into a 'U' shape with a curly flourish on the ends. Gently insert this into the wet plaster, before it has set, to create a hook.

If you wanted to attach it to a gift box simply fix it in place with sticky dots or use a glue gun.

All your plaster creations will accept paints once they set hard. Most craft paints are non-toxic, water-based and very useful for various projects but do not buy poster paint as it dries and leaves a powdery residue! I painted my cherub with Apple Barrel paints and I used an mustard yellow base coat with gold paint dabbed on with a sponge.

If you are a paper crafter with a serious stash of coloured stamp pads, use these as water colours by pressing the pad's lid into the pad and then pick up the ink using a damp paint brush. Use each lid as its own colour tray.

Plaster Casting is fun and easy with great results. It is a good rainy day project as there are many parts to creating the whole thing from start to finish. A little present for Grannie is always appreciated.

Please have a go.  I would love to hear your thoughts.

Lella  xx

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