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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Flea Markets

So, it is Sunday morning and you are wondering what to do today. If you asked me, I would say where else could you possibly go than to your local flea market or car boot?

Lella Loves... Flea Markets

Everybody loves a bargain and even though you might not be in need of anything in particular, I think it is good for the soul to be out and about, browsing the stalls and chatting to sellers about their items or the weather.

Falling in love with something you didn't even know existed when you woke up this morning: I love that! The joy of handing over £2 for a very special purchase. Fabulous!

Here is an old marmalade pot I bought last week for £1. It is a perfect pencil pot.

Lella Loves... Old Packaging

You can experience all the above if you go to a collectables market with an open mind.
Take lots of change, a bag of bags and if you meet a really lovely dealer who sells you a bargain, buy him a cup of tea.

*Tip: Sellers are there to make money! Most of them earn their living as traders. Be fair but please don't pay the first price they say. 

Example: You see a large pine trunk with a broken lock. The ticket swinging in the breeze says £22 and, as you let the ticket fall and you stand up to look, the stall holder says, "It's yours for £18."

This is where I say to you, take off another 10% or 20% and propose your counter offer with, "Would £15 buy it?"

A friendly approach and a reasonable counter offer will secure your item 9 out of 10 times when haggling with a true dealer because the pine box scenario happened to me last week.

After I offered him £15, he did the inward whistle suck and laughed. I quickly followed my offer up with, "Oh... Go on! You know I'm lovely!" This made him smile and he couldn't say no and I went home with a very lovely, solid pine trunk for £15.

One-off day traders will spend 2 days pricing everything and they will be horrified at the thought of discounting their wares. Either walk away or pay the lady if she has something you want.

Most of all, have fun. 

Lella Loves... Flea Markets

Lella Loves... Flea Markets

Lella Loves... Flea Markets

Please message me if you were inspired to go to a car boot and you found something amazing. Comments can be left at any time. 

Best wishes and happy hunting.

Lella  xx

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