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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Pretty Tea Cups

Good morning and I hope you are having a lovely, lazy Sunday.

Today's blog post is to share with you some of my tea cups. 

Because I use them for various things, apart from actually drinking tea out of them, I buy very old or delicate sets which might well be chipped or have a hairline crack in the cup. Such damage doesn't bother me as I buy them for their beauty. 

Here are a few photos of cup and saucers sitting on my bookshelf. 

Lella Loves... Tea cups

Single cup and saucers are widely available and if you visited a collectables fair, your choice would be substantial. Set yourself a limit, say £4 per cup and saucer, then look for colours which inspire you. If you like flowers or tea cups with birds on, start a small collection with a similar theme.  

Lella Loves... Tea cups

By not being too fussy with condition but going more for pattern and beauty, I have bought Victorian trios for a few pounds. I have them in between the books, sitting on a pile here and there as I feel books need space and your eyes need space. 

Wall to wall books are all very well but turn a few on their backs to let your display 'breathe'.

Lella Loves... Tea cups

If you are off to a flea market or a car boot today, look out for pretty cups and buy colours to match your home. Have a great day and feel free to comment.

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