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Friday, 10 February 2012

Silk Flowers (Persimmon)

There are no actual flowers in today's post. Instead, I used these amazing persimmon fruits - on stems - from Sia. They are everlasting, not real, even though they look and feel like ripe fruits to touch.

I bought every single one the lady could find around the store!

Lella Loves... Everlasting Fruits

To recreate this display, you will need:

15 everlasting persimmon fruits on stems
Enamel jug
Marbles or glass nuggets

Lella Loves... Everlasting Fruits

Each stem has two fruits and the attention to detail is fabulous.

It might seem a large initial outlay for one display but, over time, it is pennies per week. These persimmons were £5.50 a stem and on that same day, a bunch of 6 Madonna lilies was £40: I opted for the fruity stems and, 7 years later they are still here.

Lella Loves... Everlasting Fruits

I used 15 stems in this display and to start, I filled the old enamel jug with glass nuggets.

Lella Loves... Everlasting Fruits

Taking one stem at a time, arrange in the spout first, then work your way around the jug.

Lella Loves... Everlasting Fruits

You should aim for that, 'Just picked' look to your display.

Lella Loves... Everlasting Fruits

This is the end result and I love it. It appears to be top-heavy but it's not.

Do leave me a comment if you too enjoy arranging everlasting fruits and twigs as well as silk flowers.

Have a great day.

Lella  xx

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Knitted Cushions

Cushions are fun and easy to make. A current trend in home furnishings are knitted cushions. To make a cushion cover from a jumper, all you need is a well-worn wooly and a cushion pad.

Lella Loves... Knitted Cushions

Lay your jumper out on a flat surface, place the cushion pad in the front centre and fold the bottom of the jumper underneath the front and then pin the four corners.

Remove the cushion pad, turn the jumper inside out and run a free-hand running stitch up three sides.

Starting at the bottom right, sew up, across the top and then back down to the bottom, sewing it as straight as you possible can. Use the pattern as a guide if it helps.

Once you have tacked the cushion by hand, cut out and leave an inch between the scissors and the free-hand stitched edge.

Your unsewn bottom section is your envelope fold.

Turn your jumper the right side out and insert your cushion pad.

Hey presto!  A cardy cushion handmade by you.

Lella Loves... Recycled Fabrics

These panels are samples from a knitwear supplier and I found them at my local recycling arts warehouse. Look out for knitted sweaters in your local charity shop. Chunky cable knitted jumpers can be found for a few pounds.

*Tip: Never worry about holes as they can be darned with wool taken from the off-cut.

Have fun and keep warm!

Lella xx

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Handbag Charm (Hearts)

Handbag charms are one of my favourite things to make. I love beading and by using broken necklaces and old pendants, you too can create something similar for your handbag.

Lella Loves... Handbag Charms

This is my Valentine's inspired bag charm. If you enjoy beading, please follow this blog-make and you can see how I made it.

Lella Loves... Handbag Charms

This is a photo of my handbag with the fabulous black hearts charm pin which I made last year. The blog-make for this black pin charm can be found on this link:

Lella Loves... Handbag Charms

I took this photo to show you the £28 designer charm on the left and my creation on the right. Don't be afraid to be inspired by boutique pieces, just don't pay boutique prices!

Lella Loves... Handbag Charms

To make each handbag charm, you will need:

1 kilt pin
Several charms which follow a theme, such as hearts
Broken necklaces from which you upcycle the findings and links

To start, lay out all your chosen pendants and charms as above. Choose beads and matching chains if you want to add length.

Lella Loves... Handbag Charms

Thread them on to the open end of the kilt pin. Rearrange and alter the charms according to their weight as you will not want the pin being too heavy on one side.

Lella Loves... Handbag Charms

Ribbon is the secret ingredient to stop your findings rubbing together. By adding ribbon loops as spacers, the chains and links will dangle freely.

Finally, once you have the overall look, take sections of necklace which have large links, gently unfurl and use them as jump rings to secure your charm-work to the closed side of the kilt pin. Make sure you are happy with your design before you do this stage.

All you have to do now is attach to a handbag and say to anyone who asks, "Yes! I made it myself!"

Lella  xx

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