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Saturday, 15 October 2011

Teddy Bears (Display Ideas)

Many people have a bear or two in their spare room but why hide them away? I encourage you to bring your bears into your living space. Please try some of the following ideas and enjoy having your little bears around the house.

Find a couple of old books for them to sit on as height will add dimension to a display of two bears if one is sitting or if one is bigger. A little nook or a corner shelf is perfect.

Lella Loves... Little Bears

If you have bears, or even dolls, and you wanted to dress them with a bow, you can buy 3 metres of wired ribbon for less than £2. The little green and white panda was a present and gifts which remind us of special days should be treasured.

Lella Loves... Little Bear

I have three or four bears which I like to move around. (And before you ask: No. I do not take them on holiday :) but I know some folk do). This bundle of loveliness sits on my dresser but they all take it in turns.

Lella Loves... Little Bears

This little bear is also on the dresser. She is a very tatty looking ted and is quite happy in between the old pots and the wooden birds. I think she looks quite at-home with all my flea market finds.

Lella Loves... Little Bears

Using props to raise up your ted is handy as some are unable to stand and need something to add height. This little panda is sitting in an old wooden trug and the two old field guides were £1 each at my local market.

Antique shops and collectable centres are a good place to find a vintage case or a small child's chair. Have fun with your dolls and bears.

Have a lovely day to all the bear fans out there.

Lella xx


  1. Love your teddy bear displays! Thank you for sharing! Bear hugs from Janice ;O)

  2. I saw your profile pic on Mike Wolfe's FB page and wondered if you collect bears. I collect bears and love to put them all over my house. And, yes, I do take a bear with me on holiday. Greetings from New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

  3. I love those teddy bears! Do you know from what company?


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