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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Collecting Kitchenalia (Cake)

Many of us will happily sit down to a nice slice of angel cake and a cup of tea but there is great pleasure to be had in collecting cake related items for your kitchen. This post has some of my favourite cake items which I have collected over the past 12 years.

Lella Loves... Kitchenalia

The options are wide when it comes to collecting and you might prefer old bowls, cake stands, measuring jugs or vintage churns. The choice is yours. Discovering a new hobby is always a joy and collecting items from your grannie's day is a happy and sentimental pastime.

Lella Loves... Kitchenalia

Old advertising is very desirable so you might be asked £25 - £50 for promotional counter stands similar to this Banquet Cake from Lyon's. I bought this very board for £10 in 1998: the water damage and nibbled corners don't worry me as the overall piece sits well with my old cake tins.

Lella Loves... Kitchenalia

I chanced upon this delightful little tin, still with cutters intact, and I knew it was going to come home with me. The dealer was not asking a lot and they cost me less than a large pizza.

Lella Loves... Kitchenalia

Mmm... c-a-k-e :)

This huge old tin from the 1950s is lovely to look at and the hinge is still in good working order.

How many of you recall going to your nan's for Sunday lunch and there would always be a freshly baked Victoria sponge on the table? Ah! Such lovely memories just waiting to be unlocked with a few old tins and a rusty wire cake rack.

All grannies were such good bakers. I loved cooking with my nan and she made huge fruity Dundee cakes, sponges and scones so I guess that's why I love old cake tins and the pastry cutters.

Lella Loves... Kitchenalia

If you quite fancy the idea of having a few select pieces of cake collectables, start off by browsing eBay's Kitchenalia category and visit a few centres where they sell antiques from many dealers.

Have fun collecting and buy things you love to look at.

Best wishes

Lella  xx

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