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Friday, 7 October 2011

Wreath (Oak Leaves)

Hello there and leafy greetings to another floral Friday.

I have been looking forward to this blog-make for ages. October is my favourite month as I love pumpkins, the colour orange, pot pourri and candles. And crows! And acorns!

Lella Loves... Wreaths

This is my door wreath for October and I made it using silk leaf garlands and prim decorations which I bought online.

Lella Loves... Wreaths

If you would like to create something similar for your home, you will need:

Large twiggy wreath
3 leaf garlands or 12 similar stems of your choice
Snips or scissors
Prim decorations such as crows, hearts, stars or pumpkins
Cable ties
Wreath hanger

*Tip: Prim is a term for primitive, handmade decorations but they can be found in either resin or wood. You should use anything you like to decorate your wreath such as rusty bells, acorns or berries. Let your creativity flow!

Lella Loves... Wreaths

Firstly, take your wreath and decide which side you are using. Look at it from all angles and make sure it is neither top-heavy or too skinny on one side.

Lella Loves... Silk Flowers

Take your leaf garland and, using tiny cable ties, attach one end to a very wide twig on the back of the wreath.

Lella Loves... Craft Tools

Snip off the excess tie with snips.

Lella Loves... Wreaths

Wind the leaf garland in and out of the twiggy wreath, making sure your spaces are even and the leaves are not bunching.

Lella Loves... Wreaths

Once you have finished your first garland, step back and see how your wreath is looking. If you are happy with it, take several cable ties and fix the garland to the wreath on the back side.

Leave the cable ties uncut as their tails will help you to remember which is the back of the display.

Lella Loves... Wreaths

Take your second garland and continue wrapping the leaves over the wreath.

Lella Loves... Wreaths

During the process, check the side where the cable ties are to help you remember which side is the front.

Lella Loves... Wreaths

You are nearly finished when you have covered the wreath entirely. Nearly finished but not quite.

Check over the wreath and look for leaves which have been squashed by the garland or trapped under the twigs.

Lella Loves... Wreaths

Flick them free as the more leaves, the better the overall look. When you are happy with the wreath, fix all the garlands in place with more cable ties. Snip off the tails once you have finished.

Lella Loves... Wreaths

One of the prettiest things you can do is to add decorations to your wreath. Look for wooden hearts and stars in Hobby Craft or try a cake supply store for small gingerbread cutters.

If you like my particular look, search for little crows and stars to add extra texture to your wreath.

Lella Loves... Wreaths

I bought the crow and stars decorations online but if you are handy with modelling clay, you could have a go at making your own using Fimo. 

Simply buy the Fimo ready-dyed and sculpt your preferred shapes. Add a wire loop and bake in the oven.

Lella Loves... Pumpkins

I also bought a few metal pumpkins but there is an unspoken rule of knowing when to stop. However, I am obsessed with pumpkins and I am sure these friendly fellows will find a spot somewhere in Lella Towers.

Lella Loves... Wreaths

And here is my finished wreath. I love it :) I really do.

This is most definitely one of my favourites and would really encourage you to have a go and make your own. The sense of satisfaction is amazing and it will give you that creative outlet you might be looking for.

I want to show that wreaths are not just for Christmas nor should they be considered funeral sentiments.

Wreaths are circles: they represent the circle of life. We speak of family and friends in terms of circles. Our most trusted friends are part of our inner circle. Wedding bands represent the promises and the circle of trust within a marriage.

Enjoy wreaths for their beauty and have fun making your own.

Please feel free to leave me a message as I enjoy reading your comments.

Best wishes and have a lovely day.

Lella Loves... Crows

Caww Caww...

Lella xx


  1. Love it, and I love the Crow on the sign,
    R L xx

  2. That is really gorgeous....I love those autumn colours xx


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