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Monday, 24 October 2011

Bib Necklaces (Bonzie)

Today's post is all about bib necklaces which have been a big fashion trend since S/S 2009, and still seen today on fashionable celebs, but an aunt and niece duo over in Waterford, Ireland, have been making neck adornments for years before our favourite fashion houses sent their versions down the runways of Paris and Milan.

Lella Loves... Neck Adornments

This is a handmade piece from the ladies' independent Irish design label called Bonzie. Their look is all about romance created with vintage and recycled fabrics. They make the most dreamy, one-off statement pieces and I love browsing their photos.

Lella Loves... Neck Adornments

A few years ago, they made this piece as a special commission but I did not pay the £120 asking price. Instead, I traded it from the lady who had bought it for a wedding and then never wore it. If I recall, it cost me a pair of shoes, three tops and the postage, over at:

Lella Loves... Neck Adornments

What I did do though, is to alter it to blend with my own personal style. I am a firm believer in making a statement if you wear a statement piece. However, just because it's designer, it doesn't make it perfect.

Lella Loves... Neck Adornments

I love the detail and the ruffled roses but the lacy petals had to go. If you buy something and it's not quite right, you might have to tweak it to fit your look. Don't be afraid to get your scissors out if you feel the need.

Lella Loves... Neck Adornments

Using scissors, I snipped away at the underside of the flowers and gently unpicked the lace petals.

Lella Loves... Neck Adornments

This is what the bib looked like after I had removed all of the green lace trims. The handmade roses are so lovely that they were doing nowhere.

Lella Loves... Neck Adornments

Taking one large £4 flower brooch in olive green, I then attached it to the bib in the space left by the lace petals.

Lella Loves... Neck Adornments

I was careful not to break through the back as the satin lining and the free-form hand-embroidery is too fabulous to spoil.

Lella Loves... Neck Adornments

Oscar de le Renta and Chanel all made jewelled versions and I will show you my take on those in another post. One at a time  :)

Lella Loves... Neck Adornments

And low and behold, my re-worked designer bib necklace which I hope to wear on Christmas Day with a plain cream blouse and chocolate brown slacks.

I love fashion but I am not a slave to it.

From Cartier to Vera Wang, all the designers have had their version of a bib necklace but why not try and make your own? I was lucky to be able to swap the Bonzie bib but there are lots of smaller versions on the high street.

Buy a plain beaded bid from TopShop or Primark and then add a few flower brooches. It should cost no more than £10 for you to update a trend if you enjoy the look.

To see more of Bonzie, why not visit their Etsy shop:

I hope you enjoyed that post as much as I did.

Lella  x

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