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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Fabric Letters

Fabric is one of my favourite things and you don't need much to complete this project. Many people find fabulous things at salvage yards and if you like old shop signage, you will want to try this.

Lella Loves... Fabric Letters

I chose 'O' as O is for October but you should find your own initial and make your first wrapped letter for yourself. If you visit a reclaim yard, you will need to ask for old shop signage. I have found letters in skips, outside pub renovations and at car boot fairs.

Lella Loves... Fabric Letters

Have a rummage in your scraps box and select your fabric, making sure there is enough to be able to wrap around the whole letter.

You could blend fabrics by using various florals which have a common thread, such as pink roses or green leaves, and simply patchwork your letter. However, the choice is yours so be creative and if you love clashing checks with polka dots then you go for it!

For the 'O', I used an old scarf which I cut longways into 1 inch strips. The fraying will happen as you wrap but don't worry too much as it adds to the overall homemade look. You want your creations to look charming and primitive, not all perfect and store-ready.

Have fun and if you enjoyed it, make your pennies stretch over the upcoming season and tell friends that it is handmade and homemade this Christmas. 

Fabric wrapped letters are a very personal gift which are permanently relevant to the receiver so choose the correct fabric and make your gift perfect for each person. 

Pop back soon, 

Lella  xx

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