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Monday, 10 October 2011

Confetti Cones (from Paul McCartney's Wedding)

It is the start of a new week and the start of a happy union for Sir Paul McCartney and the lovely Nancy Shevell.

Today's post shows you how to make confetti cones just like these cones which were used by Barbara Walters and the McCartney family at Sir Paul and Nancy's wedding yesterday.

Lella Loves... Confetti Cones

The confetti cone and rose petals were gathered from the steps of the registry office of the Old Marylebone town hall in central London yesterday (Sunday, October 9th 2011).

Lella Loves... Confetti Cones

Here is a link to see the cones at the wedding:

Lella Loves... Confetti Cones

The confetti are real rose petals which I have photographed for you. Many fans will be pleased to see the pretty lemon yellow and pink blush petals but please know that they are now 24 hours old and are showing signs of their age.

The cones from Paul and Nancy's wedding are simple in design. They have that homely chic and are very easy to make.

To make similar cones, you will need:

White paper (20cm x 31cm)
Brown Paper (18cm x 34cm)
Doilies (18cm dia)
Confetti (rose petals, rice paper or silk petals)

Lella Loves... Confetti Cones

Cut your chosen paper into these sizes:

Inner cone (brown paper in this blog-make) should be: 20cm x 31cm

Outer cone (white paper in this blog-make) should be: 18cm x 34cm

You could use beautiful wrapping paper, several layers of tissue or even handmade paper. The choice of paper is the bride's prerogative. The paper doily adds a homespun touch which is so simple yet effective.

If you were organising the bridal shower, why not make it a lovely night in with a combined bridal shower and craft evening. That would be something to remember!

Let's begin. Start by making the inner cone first.

Lella Loves... Confetti Cones

Take the bottom left corner and begin to roll it.

Lella Loves... Confetti Cones

Pinch the bottom while you are forming the cone.

Lella Loves... Confetti Cones

Roll the paper to the right and you will see your cone start to form.

Lella Loves... Confetti Cones

Two and a half turns and you have done it.

Lella Loves... Confetti Cones

Take a piece of tape to secure.

Lella Loves... Confetti Cones

Well Done! You have just made your inner cone.

Now let me show you how to wrap the outer cone.

Lella Loves... Confetti Cones

Lay the outer paper down flat.

Lella Loves... Confetti Cones

Place the inner cone and wrap the sheet around it.

Lella Loves... Confetti Cones

This might take you two or three attempts but have fun and play with your design until the two corners fold as opposites.

Lella Loves... Confetti Cones

Once you have found the look you prefer, tape it to secure. This is the cone shape you will want to achieve as it symbolises a heart.

Lella Loves... Confetti Cones

Now all you have to do is to take the pretty doily, cut it in half, wrap around the cone and tape to secure.

Ta Dah! You have created a truly delightful confetti cone and it now just needs filling.

Lella Loves... Confetti Cones

I have photographed mine with silk roses just to give you an idea. They were bought from a fabulous homestyle boutique in North Herts:

Please join me in wishing Sir Paul and his new bride good health and happiness. I do hope you enjoyed seeing these cones as it was their wedding which gave me the blog-make idea.

Bright Blessings,

Lella Loves, Loves Me Do.  xx

Here is another link to Hello Magazine and their picture of the happy couple.

For those of you who are wondering how or why I have a confetti cone and rose petals from Paul McCartney's wedding, it is because my husband was standing on the steps as a spectator.

There were several newspaper reporters who didn't know some of the guests' names and it so happens that my husband is an old hand-clapper of rock and roll so he was answering questions from the photographers and advising a few journalists on the who's who. If they asked, he was happy to oblige.

I said on a previous post: knowledge is nothing unless it is shared.

Lella xx


  1. These are fab Lella! So easy to make and very shabby chic.


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