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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Handmade Paper

I love handmade paper and although I recovered this lampshade a few years ago, I still wanted to show you just how easy it is to do.

If you have a boring card lampshade which you really detest but it is on a lamp that you really love, simply recover it.

Lella Loves... Handmade Paper

This lovely lampshade was previously a plain white card shade which I covered with handmade paper. I chose the most beautiful paper which has flower petals and bits of stem and leaf in the paper. 

Similar papers are detailed below such as paper made from old bank notes, grass cuttings or even elephant poo!

Lella Loves... Handmade Paper

TK Maxx is my favourite shop for bargains. Their reducements section is always a mess and I turn that into an opportunity: where people stay away, I dive in! Rummaging the red tickets can unearth a few gems.

Lella Loves... Handmade Paper

This variety pack of beautiful handmade papers was only £3 which is an amazing bargain. I hope to use the orange paper to recover a book but that is a blog-make for another day.

Lella Loves... Handmade Paper

All I did was take the lampshade off and draw around the bottom section to create a small template. I then cut out three sections, all the same size and I simply glued them onto the original card shade.

Voila! An old lamp with a new look.

If this inspired to to jazz up an old lampshade, look for beautiful handmade paper. One of the best internet shopping sites for really unusual paper is the Exotic Paper Company on 01823 421805

They make highly individual, bespoke papers and many have visible inclusions.

Contact them for samples if you fancy using paper containing:

Sterling (paper including shredded bank notes)

Glitter (paper including holographic slivers)

Grass (paper including grass cuttings)

Wildflower (paper including wildflower seeds)

Lavender (paper including lavender flowers)

Cress Seed (paper including cress seeds)

Straw (paper with a straw fibre content)

Banana (paper with banana skin fibre content)

Moorland (paper containing natural compost)

or try their

Ellie Poo (paper with an elephant dung fibre content)

Rhino Poo (paper with a rhino dung fibre content)

Have fun and do leave me a message if you update a lampshade, cover an old book or simply frame a sheet of rhino poo paper!

Lella  xx

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