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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Antique Fair & Flea Market Guide (UK)

Several of my previous posts refer to items I have found at markets or table-top sales and that's because flea markets and collectables fairs are a happy and enjoyable hobby of mine. I try to visit one at least once a month.

Many people have asked me how or where might they find out about local events in their area. Finding out dates and times of fairs further afield has proved tricky in the past but I now use a publication which is not available through newsagents.

Lella Loves... Antique Trade Calendar

The best-kept secret is a little book, known in the trade as 'the Black & White'. Your flea hunting has just got a lot easier with The Antique Trade Calendar. It is a comprehensive listings calendar which covers antiques fairs - big and small - all types of collectables fairs, indoor table-top sales, flea markets as well as antique centres.

This amazing guide is published every three months for the bargain price of £1.50.

Lella Loves... Antique Trade Calendar

The guide has 160 pages and many fair organisers place full-page adverts of their huge 2 day events. Many of these listings are the same fairs where the BBC film and you too could find some fabulous bargains of your own.

Lella Loves... Antique Trade Calendar

Detailed listings of regular events, weekly fairs and markets are by date. There are several ways to browse events in your area as you can either scan the day or look for your county listings.

Lella Loves... Antique Trade Calendar

It is the most comprehensive guide to the UK's weekly flea markets, regular table-top sales, antique and collectables emporiums, furniture and datelined centres as well as multi-seller warehouses.

Lella Loves... Antique Trade Calendar

The publishers try to keep their information as up-to-date as possible but you must always phone a location or venue before you set off on any journey.

Lella Loves... Antique Trade Calendar

They cover everything from flea markets, antiques fairs, militaria fair, bric-a-brac table-top sales, craft markets, book fairs, vintage events with clothing and collectables.

(NB: They do not list auctions or salvage/reclaim yards.)

Lella Loves... Antique Trade Calendar

If you enjoy a good old rummage and the thrill of the (bargain) hunt, this guide is a must.

Lella Loves... Antique Trade Calendar

I have photographed the subscription page as I think some of you will be wanting to send them a cheque asap! :) Have fun with this fabulous little guide. It would be unfair of me not to tell you about it!

Oh... and remember to phone and confirm the details of an event before you travel.

Lella  xx

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  1. Hello there Lella! My name is Ana and I'm from Oporto, Portugal. I have just been in London at old spitafields market and I couldn't find the person who normally sells the antique calendar. Could you be so kind to send me his contact please? I am really interested in buying it. Hope you can help me thank you so much. best ana (


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