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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Framing Up (Old Adverts)

This is such a simple but effective little craft project. Once you have found an advert you like, all you need is a frame.

Lella Loves... Old Adverts

Adverts like these can be found for a few pounds even though they are 80 years old. These black and white adverts look lovely framed up, on a kitchen wall.

If you enjoy looking at old advertising, plus the fact that you can buy the real thing for a few pounds, why not buy one small advert and maybe set the seed for a new hobby.

Lella Loves... Old Adverts

This Clarke's Pyramid Night Lights adverts was in Woman's World magazine, published on October 27th 1923.

Lella Loves... Old Adverts

Women's World was a weekly publication and contained many adverts aimed at women, such as clothing and skin products of the day.

Lella Loves... Old Adverts

Lella Loves... Old Adverts

Lella Loves... Old Adverts

These adverts are no bigger than a postcard and are good place to start.


The following photos are two adverts from an October 1932 publication which I have had in my kitchen for nearly 11 years. I have collected old tins and vintage food packets for a long time and I bought these whilst on holiday in the USA.

Lella Loves... Old Adverts

I found these old food adverts in an antiques mall in Arizona in 1999. They are single pages from a magazine called The Saturday Evening Post and these adverts were published on March 17th 1923.

The colours were still so bright after 70 years and each advert was carefully sealed and presented on a card backing in a clear wallet. The dealer was very fair and I paid $5 each.

Lella Loves... Old Adverts

The large pine frames were £7 each but these adverts are very big. They are the size of our modern newspaper pages.

To think that these adverts were printed in a magazine at the same time that my nan was a young girl of 12, really makes me smile. I think the history of each item is a story in itself and I will never know where they came from or why they were kept but I am grateful to whomsoever for keeping them all those years.

Three cheers for the hoarders of the world. Hip... Hip...

Have a great day folks and feel free to message me if you wanted to purchase anything you see in my blog. If it's for sale, we can do a deal :)

Lella  xx

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