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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Simple Pleasures (A Walk in the Woods)

Walking in a forest in early November is a delightful experience and one which will cost you nothing. If you walk in the very early morning, you might well see deer going about their business. Groups of young bucks will be skittish and can be seen running across paths and bridleways.

Lella Loves... Woodland Walks

Meet up with a few friends for a gentle afternoon stroll: the sun will be low and the shadows will be long. If you take children, look out for rabbits, badger setts and squirrels. Take a woodland guide and always look for footprints of woodland creatures in soft muddy areas.

Walking at dust will bring bats and the eery hoots of owls but no matter which part of the day you walk, give yourself at least an hour or two to visit your local woodlands. 

*Tip: Please don't litter with old water bottles or sweetie wrappers. Remember the saying: Leave only footprints.

Lella Loves... Woodland Walks

Take your camera and snap away happily as you will want to capture that moment in time.

Lella Loves... Woodland Walks

Beautiful things can be seen in a woodland and keep your eye open for unusual fungi and seasonal plants. The colours of autumn remind us that Mother Nature is the original artist.

Lella Loves... Woodland Walks

I met up with some friends and we walked for couple of hours and returned to warm soup, fluffy jacket potatoes and lots of grated cheese. The delicious feast was laid on by two older ladies who were not able to go on the woodland walk but they still wanted to be part of the gathering. We each contributed £2 and many brought extra food such as quiche, homemade cake and homemade coleslaw. I provided the sparklers and a lovely time was had by all.

It is important to invite all abilities if you wanted to arrange your own woodland walk with an evening supper. Conversation and companionship keeps the wheels of our communities turning.

I hope this post has inspired you to plan your own 'Spuds & Sparklers' supper this month. Involve several of your friends, family and/or neighbours and if everyone brings a food contribution, the costs can be remain low. 

Ask for volunteers to prep the supper and serve up when the walkers return. Arrange for friends with chickens to bring eggs or make cakes. Use your imagination and plan a gathering which everyone will hope becomes a yearly event.

Have a lovely day and go forth: enjoy your local woodlands.

Lella  xx

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