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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Cotton Reel Garland

This is a fun project and great for kids who want to make a few simple decorations for the Christmas tree. If you don't have any old spools, these crafting blanks in the form of cotton reels are excellent value.

Lella Loves... Cotton Reel Garland

Proper cotton reels are much bigger but they are also much harder to find. Look out for mixed cotton reels at a flea market. It is fun to look out for vintage sewing notions, especially if you find one which has 40 old wooden spools included.

Lella Loves... Cotton Reel Garland

Try and buy wooden blanks for your craft projects as they save plenty of time and can be found in packs of 12/24 for no more than a few pounds.

Lella Loves... Cotton Reel Garland

Cut up very thin strips of material. Try to use cotton fabrics (for cotton reels) and glue them around the centre of the spool. Once your fabric has dried, select the sequence of reels and line them up for easy threading.

Lella Loves... Cotton Reel Garland

Start to thread on and tie a knot after each reel. The secret to even-spacing is that once you have fed your reel on to the jute, pinch directly after each reel and make a knot whilst your finger and thumb are in place.

Lella Loves... Cotton Reel Garland

Keep threading and knotting until you have a super prim garland.

If you wanted to try this charming blog-make, you will need:

15-20 cotton reels or wooden blanks
Cotton fabrics in plaid and ditzy prints

Your project should look like this and if you keep your reels on the smaller size, you could also wire them on to a twiggy wreath.

I do hope you liked today's project. It is very easy and plenty of concentrated crafting on a rainy day.

Let me know how you get on.

Lella  xx

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