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Monday, 15 August 2011

Patchwork (Cushions)

Hello and Happy Monday :)

If you love fabrics and wish to reuse long-loved skirts and cotton shirts, patchwork is the craft for you. The following photos are of my cushions which I made from odd scraps and old clothing. I patched every piece of fabric you see.

Lella Loves... Patchwork

The way I create these cushions is by sorting my fabrics into similar colours or themes. This example was florals and checks which had to be either predominantly pink or green.

Lella Loves... Patchwork

A healthy fabric collect is a must so ask friends and family for unwanted fabrics, old curtains, damaged clothing and so on. Join a scrapstore if you have one in your area.

All the fabric you see in the photo above came from my local scrapstore. It is mainly out-of-date fabric samples, designer's off-cuts and remnants from manufacturers. As a source for patchwork, you cannot beat it, simply because there is no need for huge pieces of fabric with this craft.

For more information, click here:

Lella Loves... Patchwork

I start each project by taking a checkered piece and, using the lines on the gingham, I place two pieces of fabric - face sides facing - and sew a straight line to join them.

Lella Loves... Patchwork

Then take a contrasting fabric and sew it -  not to the first gingham piece but to the second pieces. Mix florals with checks to create impact. The lines on the gingham fabric are a useful sewing guide.

Lella Loves... Patchwork

In this photo you are able to clearly see there is one central ladder and side pieces added on afterwards. You achieve this by patching all your centre pieces, one after the other. Try to use toning colours and similar fabric weights.

Lella Loves... Patchwork

In this photo you are able to clearly see there is a definite single join of two ladders - one at the top and one at the bottom. I have photographed the seam to run left to right across the picture. However, if you stitch differing sizes and contrasting fabrics, your eye will not easily find the joining seam.

Lella Loves... Patchwork

When you have made your ladders of patched fabrics, you must iron them before you are ready to fold and construct your 'envelope'Iron all the seams with a lovely hot steam iron. This will force out any kinks in the fabric and will make it look professional on the outside.

Now, using a cushion pad in your preferred size, fold the patchwork fabric around the pad with the face inwards and all the patch joins on the outside. You are pinning the cushion inside-out at this stage.

For larger cushions, simply sew two or three ladders of fabric side by side to create a bigger surface area. When you join them, make sure the fabrics are facing the correct way.

*Tip: When you fold the top and bottom around cushion pad, make sure your seam is off centre. This detracts the eye from a seam line running up the entire cushion.

I do hope you enjoyed seeing my cushions and please do attempt to make your own. Ditzy florals or checks: which do you prefer?

Please leave a comment if you want to :)

Have a lovely day,

Lella  x

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