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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Old Scales (Wooden Vegetables)

Old scales and vintage weights are becoming quite collectable as people are enjoying the search for kitchenalia of their grandmother's day. I will hopefully be able to upload a few photos of my various scales for you over the coming weeks.

I collect four types but, in reality, I will happily buy anything which falls into the balance scales and weights categories.

Today I have chosen just the scales which have wooden vegetables in the pan. They are something I like to use as a display medium as it shows the scales at work.

This first set with the hand-made wooden onions are a set of spring scales.

Lella Loves... Old Scales

They are called spring scales simply because they have a bowl, known as the pan, resting on a single spring which measures weight by the distance the spring deflects under the pan's load. These were given to me by a good friend who had them in her loft. 

This next set are called equal arm scales. 

Lella Loves... Old Scale

The wooden carrots have been here about 12 years. I bought them from a man who had just started a woodwork course as a hobby and he sold them to me for about 30p each. I can remember being so pleased to find them and then, to see he was so pleased when I bought them all! I thought his first efforts were lovely.

Similar weights can be found in charity shops. I wouldn't purchase weights online unless you are able to collect as the postage could be prohibitive. 

I think old scales compliment any kitchen and mine are on display on every window sill. The choice of whether to have something in the pan is up to you.

Happy hunting. What you buy and how much you spend is all a matter of scale! (Sorry...)

Lella  xx

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