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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Cork Boards (Memory Wall)

Today's blog post shows you that a few cork floor tiles and some seriously strong adhesive are all you need to create yourself a 'wall' for your own personal memories.

Facebook folk should love this project!  :)  Yes. It's a noticeboard with a twist.

Lella Loves... Cork Tiles

My cork tiles are behind the door in my craft room. It was an unused space where the car boot table and the coats used to hang.

To make your memory wall, here is what you need:

Pack of cork floor tiles
Epoxy adhesive (Buy the twin set for wood and cork)
Drawing pins or pretty pin studs.

Lella Loves... Cork Tiles

Start by fixing a pack of 6 cork floor tiles to the wall using an epoxy glue. (I used blue Araldite.)

Lella Loves... Cork Tiles

Take one large image - I used a print from an old frame -  and, once in place, start to pin up your treasured pieces such as photographs, letters and postcards from friends. Let them overlap slightly. Build your wall with the items you have and then let it grow naturally.

Lella Loves... Cork Tiles

Working in a methodical way, add more pictures and other items you have kept such as gig tickets, maps and business cards. Pin up items as the days pass.

This might well be a gradual layering over time so don't worry too much about their positioning. Right angles and straight lines is not the look you should be going for.

Lella Loves... Cork Tiles

I have kept some lovely things and some odd things over the years. The sleeve of a Madonna compilation VHS reminds me of a time working in that industry, a greeting card with a cow jumping over the moon and a 3D moon decoration remind me of holidays long past.

Lella Loves... Cork Tiles

Your memory wall will soon look like this and once you have started it, simply add as you find things. Look upon your wall as an open scrapbook and take time to enjoy the creative side of this on-going project.

Lella Loves... Cork Tiles

I like the shape of the jukebox cocktail menu from a birthday party outing. Memories are precious and to cherish them, photos of my cats who have gone to spirit are there as well as interesting bookmarks, magazine clippings and anything which I like to look at.

Lella Loves... Cork Tiles

Keep on adding. One cork wall is never enough and you might end up with two.

Am I too old to wear a button pin? Who knows? However, a humorous pin badge went straight on my wall!

Lella Loves... Cork Tiles

This little project will continue on if you want it to. I have had mine since February/March 2002 and I still add to it as well as removing things which no longer raise a smile. Editing is important as your wall will evolve with you: it reflects you and your life so enjoy it.

Have a lovely day and make space for a pack of cork tiles :)

Lella  xx

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