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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Handbag Charm Pins

Today I am going to show you how to make a fabulous charm pin for your handbag. This lovely example - yes, I could say, 'Here's one I made earlier.' - cost me about £7 in total.

Lella Loves... Handbag Charm Pins

If you wanted to make your own charm pin, you will need:

A broken necklace
Large kilt pin

The best place for necklace bargains is a car boot. Keep your eyes open for necklaces which can be taken apart and look for necklaces which have metal links or beaded drops.

Deconstruct your chosen necklace and use the pliers gently to unhook the links. When you take the necklace apart, make sure you leave enough of the chain to dangle. Save larger beads and pendants to use as larger charms.

Lella Loves... Handbag Charm Pins

Unlink the chunky beads to the length you like. When you have your charms, beads and broken bits all ready, loop them on to the kilt pin.

*Tip: Placement of your beads and charms is important, making sure the main pendant is in the middle as you want the weight to be evenly spread across the pin's bar or the beads will all slide downwards.

Lella Loves... Handbag Charm Pins

This black hearts example is currently on my bag. People have commented many times on this charm pin and are amazed when I tell them that I made it!

Lella Loves... Handbag Charm Pins

Here is a designer version which was sold at approx £25 - £30 in a local gift boutique. This is a beautiful handbag charm pin but the price is ridiculous if you wanted to put one on a jacket as well as a bag or two.

Lella Loves... Handbag Charm Pins

If you really enjoyed this project, I suggest you invest a few pounds and buy yourself some round nosed pliers. Small, basic tools such as snips and pliers are a must as there can be much twisting and reworking of some findings if you buy broken metal and bead necklaces.  

Have fun, ladies and let me know what you think of the project by leaving a comment.  

Many thanks for reading.

Lella  xx


  1. Well I love and I mean love your gorgeous Handbag charms, I think during this 6 wks hols I will be getting my bored girls to make a few, Thanks for the brilliant Idea and advice Love Rach xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. This is brilliant, really inspired me! I love handbag charms but think they can b a bit pricey at time!

    Vicki xx

  3. What a great idea! I was going to try and make a long handbag charm because of the prices but the pin would be much better and easier too. Thanks! Kind regards, Sharon xx


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