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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Old Shop Signage

I have an endless fascination with letters: they make up our language and are part of nearly everything we do. Letters can be used in various crafting projects and it can be super exciting to find a box of old shop signage. 

If you like the idea of today's project, it might be time for you to visit a reclamation yard.

Lella Loves... Old Shop Signage

I always buy signage when I see it, especially if I come across a single vintage wooden letter or if I am lucky enough to find a box full of mixed letters.

Lella Loves... Old Shop Signage

This box of letters must have come off various shops' signs as they are not all the same font. I bought the entire box of 22 items at a car boot sale for £5.

Lella Loves... Old Shop Signage

A salvage yard or a signage company is the best place for you to hunt down decommissioned lettering. If you are out and about and you see a shop refit in action, why not ask the guys if they are disposing of the lettering. Always say thank you with a box of beers which the chaps can take home after a hard day's work.

Lella Loves... Old Shop Signage

After I had time to look through the box, I decided to use just three letters for this project.

Lella Loves... Old Shop Signage

Carefully taking each letter, I nipped around the holding stem using cutting pliers. Not an easy task as each screw was set in a plastic tube and in turn, that was set with an epoxy glue.

Lella Loves... Old Shop Signage

I continued to remove all fixings, taking great care whilst doing so as the screws flew off in all directions!

Lella Loves... Old Shop Signage

Once all the sharp screws were gone, I laid the letters out.

Lella Loves... Old Shop Signage

I washed the letters in soapy water and then dried them thoroughly.

Lella Loves... Craft Adhesives

To fix my letters to the wall, I used double-sided sticky squares. To gain a bit of depth on the letters, I simply stuck 3 pads together.

Lella Loves... Old Shop Signage

Here are my bargain letters on the wall. I think they look great and if you wanted to do this, why not start of with the easiest hunt of all: one letter - your initial.

Lella  xx

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  1. Hey Lella.....I love signage as well and I love old wooden or metal print blocks. They are of course backwards, but I think that just adds to the interest of things. Most of my letters spell out the names of people in my family. Sometimes I can find little signs that have a great saying on them.


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