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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Storage (Chandelier Earrings)

Ok. I admit it. I am an earring addict. I love chandelier earrings and the bigger, the better. However, they do become tangled very easily so I decided to have a sort out.

Today, I will share with you a few ideas on how I store them.

Lella Loves... Chandelier Earrings

Be prepared! I love all earrings with drops and hoops. Please tell me I am not the only person with a crazy earring obsession.

Lella Loves... Storage

If your fashion jewellery drawers look like this then take a look at today's blog.

The bangles have now been rehoused - another blog for another day! - and my earrings are now in coloured sections.

Lella Loves... Storage

I have been collecting business card boxes for months as they make handy dividers.

Use baskets or little gift boxes if you cannot find business card boxes. Try using other clear containers. There are alternatives such as take-away boxes which you can purchase new in some high street pound stores.

Lella Loves... Chandelier Earrings

To start, I sorted all the earrings into colours and separated the pairs which were still on cards (unworn) and the pairs which I have worn.

Lella Loves... Chandelier Earrings

Taking the two halves of the business card boxes, I lined each drawer with as many as would fit.

Lella Loves... Chandelier Earrings

There was plenty of fun in arranging the earrings in to their sections. This is the pink and green drawer.

Lella Loves... Chandelier Earrings

This is the blue and silvertone drawer. If I need cheering up, I open the drawers and smile :)

Lella Loves... Chandelier Earrings

And last but not least, the autumnal colours. This drawer is orange, red and brown beaded earrings.

All my earrings are fashion jewellery and you can see that I don't tend to spend more than 4 or 5 euros/pounds on any one pair. I am a fan of reduced rails and I have paid just £1 for many of the Primark earrings.

Many other pairs are from Claire's, Wallis, Primark and good old Sainsbury's range, TU.

If you are inspired to sort your jewellery, look for storage containers which won't snag your beads and hoops. In my make-up storage blog, I used lovely bright pink baskets which were 20p each from a discount store.

Here is the link to see that storage blog:

Have fun and please leave a comment if you liked this post.

Pop back soon,

Lella  xx

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