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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Inspiration Boards

Inspiration boards are a great way to help you gather all your thoughts in to one place and, by using magazine clippings and catalogue pictures, you are able to create a collage of your ideas. 

The best way to start an inspiration board is to have a shoe box, or a lovely old case and store away all the images, tear-outs and internet prints which inspire you.

Here is an old board I made in 1998 when I was having a new kitchen. It didn't include fabrics or any extra textures as I was simply gathering all my hopes and wants as a picture board. 

To this day, this board still reflects me and my tastes: I use enamelware, there are several pestle and mortars in my kitchen and I collect things with chilli peppers on them!

Lella Loves... Inspiration Boards

I never did manage to buy the huge fridge with the slices of lime on the doors but I still love it!

Lella Loves... Inspiration Boards

I couldn't find these lovely vegetable plates but I did discover a selection of Poole Pottery's Old Seed Packet range in a sale and I couldn't believe my luck.

Lella Loves... Inspiration Boards

If you are redecorating a room and it requires fabrics and wallpaper samples, you should start a Mood Board as that is a 3D version of an Inspiration Board. It creates the 'mood' and sets the scheme with samples and texture.

Start off with the paint colour if it is a blank room. If not, take into account existing pieces of furniture, carpet already in place or the cost of wallpaper and work around those big ticket items.

Your mood board should reflect your ideas on colour scheme and furniture ideas as well as having samples to create the overall look and feel.

Material samples for curtains or upholstery will have associated costs so download pictures off the internet and print them in full colour. 

Paint is fantastic value compared to wallpaper and it can be made in any colour you wish. Purchase several tester pots in various shades of the colour you like and paint an A3 sized patch on two opposite walls.  Depending on which way your room faces, the light can alter the colour's look throughout the day. For the cost of a 99p tester pot, make sure you are happy with the paint you choose.


It is not all about the inside and it is not all about flowers and herbaceous borders.

I made this inspiration board of garden images all cut from magazine and catalogues over a two year period. These pictures are exactly the way I would like my garden to look. 
It is currently a jungle but there are good shrubs and a few trees already established. I look at this board and the dream of a well-kept and easy manageable outdoor space never leaves me.

One day...   Such a pretty garden this would be.

Lella Loves... Inspiration Boards

Water features, bird house, pebble mosaics: these images keep me inspired.

Lella Loves... Inspiration Boards

I do hope this has given you some ideas.

Please leave me a message if you enjoyed reading.

Offers of gardening help are welcome. I have tea and cake!  :)

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