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Saturday, 27 August 2011

China and Glass (Trays)

Hello there. :)  Rain or no rain, everyone loves a day off.

It is a Bank Holiday weekend and I hope you will find yourself in a big field browsing through other peoples' tat at some point over the next 3 days. The reason being is that one man's trash is another man's treasure. 

With a little bit of imagination, you can make good use of an item which was made for another room in the house and use it in your kitchen. I am referring to a ceramic tray which I bought at a table-top sale a few weeks ago.

It is a Limoges tray, most probably part of a beautiful (and very expensive dressing table set). 

Lella Loves... China and Glass

I expect it would have originally had two matching candlesticks, a ring holder, a lidded pot and another tiny tray, all of which sat on this bigger tray.

There are no chips, no cracks and I just had to have it! 

Lella Loves... China and Glass

Clear factory back-stamps are always a good sign of quality. 

Remember to gently ping the edge with your fingernail and listen for the 'ting'. All ceramics and glassware should have a lovely ringing sound to them if there are no cracks. If you hear a dull thud, the item is cracked, the ring cannot go around the item and it cannot ring 'true'.

Lella Loves... China and Glass

Lovely gilded edge with pink roses. I couldn't believe that something so pretty was still sitting on the lady's stall at 11am. After a little bit of negotiating, and along with some other items, the lady charged me £4 for this tray. 

Lella Loves... China and Glass

I am always thinking outside of the ordinary and here is a saucer from a doll's tea set which makes a handy rest for the small butter knives. I bought 6 saucers for 10p each.

Lella Loves... China and Glass

The tray is now my lovely new serving platter for bread and rolls. I think it looks so elegant and would encourage you to always think sideways when out and about bargain hunting. 


Before I found the Limoges, I have been using this delightful glass example for my bread. This is a tray from an Edwardian dressing table set.

Lella Loves... China and Glass

This beautiful tray is an incredible 80 years old. It was most probably made around the 1930s and is very thick glass. The flowers and butterflies are etched on the underside of the tray.

I have always liked glass and I bought this tray with its original candlesticks and lidded pot - with a beautiful butterfly finial which I broke! - in about 1996. 15 years it has been with me and over those years I have used this tray for all sorts. It has cradled calligraphy pens, odd change, been used as a ring tray and also to stand plants on.

Next time you visit a table-top sale, please buy something you love to look at and if you can make the item work for you in your home then all the better for it.

I buy objects which have had a life, long before me, and they 'tell a story'. Their original use might not be so obvious if parts are missing but it doesn't matter.

All I need to do now is bake my own bread!   Mmm...      :)

Lella  xx

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