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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Bringing the Outdoors In (Garden Wall Trellis)

I love old things - you might have gathered that - and I enjoy using them in my house as well as the garden. Buying pieces which are meant for another space but displaying them in a different way, is what makes your house a home.

Here is an old wrought iron trellis. It is a single pot trellis - most probably for a geranium - and it would have been found on an outside wall. However, I saw it and knew exactly what I was going to to with it.

The fairy lights were bought with the wired dragonflies already fixed over the bulbs and I had them, just waiting to wrap them around something pretty. 

Lella Loves... Wall Trellis

The rusty bits don't bother me as they remind me that it is twice my age yet it still continues to look charming. The photograph shows mine after I lightly painted it and then put it in outside for a few days to let the rust creep back through. It now hangs on a sunny wall which is indoors.

Lella Loves... Wall Trellis

Lella Loves... Wall Trellis

Lella Loves... Wall Trellis

If you would like to do this project for your home, pop down to your local architectural salvage yard or an antiques and collectables centre (with a garde section) and look for one either hanging or standing up against the walls. You might even find one with its original terracotta pot.

In the evening, I switch them on and the trellis looks so pretty with a few twinkling fairy lights.

This is not a great photo but here is the above in the dark:

Lella Loves... Wall Trellis

To create this look, you will need:

Wall Trellis, preferably an old one.
Fairy lights

...and that's it!  It should cost you no more that £20 for the ironwork and £5 for the fairy lights.

My favourite thing, once any project is complete, is to work out the 'Decoration Maths'. This little display works out at less than £1 per day for a month and would have paid its way with an ambience factor of 100.

The dragonfly fairy lights came from John Lewis and were £25 a few years ago but you can find similar at The Range, Wilkinsons or Cargo all year round.

Many thanks for reading.

Have fun hunting down your ironwork.

Love Lella  xx

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  1. wonderful blog Lella just love to see your creations well done x


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