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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Door Stop (Fabric Owl)

This lovely appliqued owl purse was one of my stocking filler gifts and it is too pretty to keep pennies and stamps in.

Lella Loves... Door Stops

Instead, I have filled it with marbles and used it as a door stop.

Lella Loves... Marbles

Marbles are very useful for all sorts of craft projects so keep a bag of them in your craft room.

Lella Loves... Door Stops

Filling and tapping as I worked, there are several hundred marbles in the owl.

Lella Loves... Door Stops

And here he is. My little dumpy owl who now sits happily on the landing.

If you wanted to create a door stop, look for pretty purses and small bags which could be filled with sand or pebbles.

Happy hunting.

Lella  xx


  1. What a great idea, good one for the kids at half term x


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