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Monday, 9 January 2012

Herald Angel Stained Glass

In December, the delicious and delightful Mr Lella took me to the Chester Christmas Market and I loved it! Aside the market, one of the most fabulous things in Chester has to be its cathedral and that is where the original of this stained glass window can be seen.

I am as excited to share this project with you as I was when I saw the cathedral. There are only two items needed for this blog-make and you could create something similar for yourself in minutes.

Lella Loves... Religious Art

To make one of these pictures, you will need a frame which has an all-glass front. It needs to be fully glazed and with a removable back panel.

Lella Loves... Religious Art

You will also need a stained glass transfer of your choice.

Lella Loves... Religious Art

The Herald Angel is a lovely reminder of my day in Chester.

Lella Loves... Framing Up

Start by removing the back panel and all of the frame's innards.

Lella Loves... Framing Up

Using an all-glass frame is essential. If you use an ordinary frame, there is nothing there to keep your glass in place unless you hot-glue the inside corners.

Lella Loves... Religious Art

Take the transfer and peel off the backing.

Lella Loves... Framing Up

Make sure your frame's glass is dust-free and clean.

Lella Loves... Religious Art

Place the transfer and once you are happy with its positioning, hold it up to the light and enjoy. This transfer was less than £5 and I think it looks amazing.

Here is a link to Chester Cathedral's website and there is an email address. When I visited the shop, there were many designs of transfer so please do contact them and ask for more images should you wish to purchase from them.

The stained glass transfer is basically an easy-peel window sticker. Because of the good quality plastics used in the making of the transfer, the detail is crisp and the image is pin-sharp.

I do hope you liked this project and if you wanted to see more of my collection of religious items, pop over to a previous post. Here is the link:

Have a lovely day, folks :)

Lella  xx

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