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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Simple Pleasures (Collecting Pine Cones)

If you enjoyed my pine cone garland blog-make from November 1st, there is still time to go and collect your pine cones. I went to several locations yesterday and there were plenty of cones still on the ground.

Lella Loves... Pine Cones

The idea behind Simple Pleasures is to spend little or no money on the activity and there is no cost to collecting Mother Nature's gifts. Take a pretty wicker basket and have fun collecting.

Lella Loves... Pine Cones

Lella Loves... Pine Cones

Lella Loves... Pine Cones

Lella Loves... Pine Cones

Just 10 minutes of fresh air and this was my haul. My only cost was the petrol to drive to my pine pickin' spot.

If you love the pine smell, simply arrange the cones in a big bowl. (Pop the pine cones in the freezer for two days if you are worried about bugs and beetles and woodlice.)

Please click here to see how to wire pine cones and to start the basics of a pine garland.

Have a lovely day folks :)

Lella  xx

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