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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Old Seed Packets

I love paper ephemera and these old seed packets are some of the best I have ever found. They are original and were printed in the late 1890s. There is slight yellowing due to their age but it doesn't detract from their overall charm.

Lella Loves... Old Seed Packets

The good news for anyone interested in doing this project is that similar, genuine 1920s seed packets can still be found on eBay. I suggest you only purchase from specialist sellers who guarantee that their paper stock is original, circa 1900, and maybe found in a barn, on an old farm, somewhere in the Mid West!

The eBay seller who sold me the seed packets you see in my photos has nearly 10,000 feedbacks and her ID is: Denise-ie

She is in the USA but she ships overseas. I bought my seed packets from her about 5 or 6 years ago.
Here is a link to her eBay shop.

When choosing your packets, look for vegetables and colours to match your home.

*Tip: Buy in even numbers such as 4 or 8 and frame up symmetrically.

To achieve a similar look to my framed sets, you will need:

Seed packets - either 4, 8 or 12
Wooden frame to get the 'country' feel or a black gloss frame to match the litho on the packet.
No glue but cut up some think card and sit the packet on the card so when you frame and glaze, the packet will be held in place.

Lella Loves... Old Seed Packets
They look fabulous framed up and these are in my dining room.

Lella Loves... Old Seed Packets

These packets are all from the 1920s and are lovely examples of period lithograph.

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