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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Teddy Bear Necklaces

Do you have an old teddy?  Are you a fan of Charlie Bears?  

Today's project is to make your favourite bear a necklace using wooden beads, buttons, a brass bell or an old key. You could try using charms off a broken necklace or any mis-matched buttons you have in the sewing box. 

Keep any pieces of lovely ribbon and you could make something like this for your bear.

Lella Loves... Teddy Necklaces

This bear (see below) I bought at an afternoon car boot and he was stuffed in a box with toy cars, doll's clothes and a wooden boat.

Lella Loves... Being Creative
I made his necklace from a piece of waxed cord and a handful of old buttons. 

Here is another necklace (see below) which I made from wooden beads, cord and jute. The little heart pendant came off a broken charm necklace.

Lella Loves... Being Creative

Lella Loves... Teddy Necklaces

Once you have your beads and buttons ready, all you need is something to thread them with. Many craft shops sell waxed cord - £15 a reel - or leather thonging for £60 a reel. 

*Tip: I used garden twine, a brass bell and wooden beads in this project as I wanted that prim, rustic look.

If you wanted to make a necklace, I am happy to provide you with all the items you require. 

The kits can be ordered in any colour you want.  

Choose from the drop-down menu to make sure you receive a kit with colours you love. 

Colour Options

Here are some examples of how to thread. Be creative, ladies and let me know what you think of the projects by leaving a comment.
Many thanks for reading.
Lella  xx

Lella Loves... Being Creative

Lella Loves... Being Creative

Lella Loves... Being Creative

Lella Loves... Being Creative

Lella Loves... Being Creative

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