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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Vintage Cases

Having been a fan of old cases and leather trunks for years, I can never walk past one without asking its price. They are lovely to have around the house.

There are many uses for cases in the home as we all like extra storage and the cost of two or three can be less than a coffee table.

Here is my latest find.

Lella Loves... Vintage Cases

I bought this very large, very heavy, navy blue case for £8 at a flea market a few weeks back.

It was in need of a good clean but apart from cobwebs and mud, it is fabulous. The metal banding is a bit bashed but I always try and buy a case which is sturdy and solid.

Lella Loves... Vintage Cases

It doesn't matter if I have no idea what I am going to put in it as I usually find a use for a case!

To find your own antique and vintage cases, visit local garage sales and house clearance stores as they can be a great source of inspiration.

Have fun hunting.

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