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Monday, 29 August 2011

Scrapstores and Recycling Arts Projects

Hello there and with the start of a new week, I want to tell you about a fabulous resource that is most probably within 10 or 12 miles of your house and you didn't even know it:  Scrapstores.

Yes, scrapstores are the future! They are recycling warehouses, often funded by your local council and they sometimes go under the name of a Recycling Arts Project/Club.

I have included photographs to show you some of the items I have discovered and brought home on my trips to my local arts project. They are an example of what can be found. All of this fabric came from my local scrapstore - for free!

Lella Loves... Scrap Fabric

I promise you that if you went to a scrapstore, you would be amazed at the range of products available to you for free (once you become a member, of course.)

Lella Loves... Buttons

How it works:

Business offer their local scrapstore non-toxic, clean waste and, as such, the scrapstore's 'stock' varies from week to week. The scrapstore staff/volunteers collect the useful 'scrap' from local companies and make it available to their members - for free! All you pay is a joining fee and you are then able to take whatever you need for craft projects, school plays, after-school art activities and so on.

The other good news, on becoming a member, is that you are doing something positive for the environment.  Reusing and upcycling clean, commercial waste is another way to bring different items into your craft room.

To give you an example of the items you might find, my local scrapstore collects cardboard tubes from a printing press, fabric sample books from high street stores and designer manufactures, greeting cards and over-runs from a local printer as well as foam, kapok, and wadding from an upholstery firm.

Last time I visited they had bolts of fabric, loads of zippers, promotional pin badges, old posters, ceramic tiles, bubble wrap, rub-off foils, plastic containers, tins, bottles, picture frames, ring binders and so on... 

Lella Loves... Picture Frames

A is for Aladdin's Cave:

Scrapstores are the Aladdin's Cave of creative crafting and 'Lella loves' creativity! :) 

You are only limited by your imagination. These hidden gems offer individuals as well as schools, clubs and play groups, a wide array of clean, reusable waste, and it is waste that you and I would otherwise never get the opportunity to salvage.

Lella Loves... Old Signage

I say to you today: look up your local scrapstore and pay them a visit. If it is not for you, no harm done!

However, if you are like me and you love fabric, buttons, old frames, paper, trimmings and so on, then do please join the hundreds of other members and benefit from being a member of a scrapstore and for a (usually) very low annual membership fee.

Here is the link to the list of scrapstores in the the UK.

Visit a scrapstore this week and remember, half the fun is that you never know what you might find there.

Please let me know if you went and joined and feel free to post a comment. 

Lella  xx

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