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Sunday, 7 August 2011


If you are someone who keeps airline tickets with holiday snaps or the swing tag off your new handbag with the receipt, you are a secret scrapper and now it's time to share all your lovely photos with friends and family.

Scrapbooking is defined as the creative art of using an album of blank pages and pasting in newspaper cuttings, pictures and other items called 'scraps'.

Lella Loves... Scrapbooking

The primary reason for starting a scrapbook should be for you to exercise your creativity as you gather and collate your photos and life's paper trail. Enjoy sorting and storing your photographs in a new and inspiring way. Your friends and family will look forward to browsing your photo and keepsake diary.

By adding photos, as well as your personal travel memorabilia such as entry passes and receipts for special purchases, you build up the album according to your holiday. Once you have created a few pages, you will be inspired to make an album for your last holiday or for your favourite pet.

The way I scrapbook - here are several pages from my holiday scrapbook - is by starting at the beginning of the holiday, buying a postcard at every opportunity, retaining receipts and leaflets throughout the length of our stay and then adding in the relevant photos once I'm back home.

Lella Loves... Scrapbooking

The most popular and standard size of a scrapbook is 12 inches square as this is a good size and the pages are generous enough to allow for your own comments, know as journaling. Journaling helps you to record the important details of the event such as the date, where you were and with whom.

How many times have you looked through a pile of photos from ten years ago and you cannot even remember whose wedding it was, let alone the date you attended. Me too!

Lella Loves... Scrapbooking

By adding photos, as well as your personal travel memorabilia such as entry passes and receipts for special purchases, you build up the album according to your holiday.

Using stickers, 3D toppers and brads, you bring your scrapbook pages to life. Keep items from your trip such as plastic passes, store tags, theme park maps and much more.

You are only limited by your own imagination when it comes to scrapbooking!

Lella Loves... Scrapbooking

I have different albums for my cats, family holidays, days out and other events. If you keep your pages organised from the beginning, you will enjoy looking through them more often.

To keep your pages and photos in good condition, make sure that all the craft items you buy are acid-free and lignin-free. Always check but nowadays most product will be. Acid occurs naturally as well as it being on your hands so using an acid free photo album and papers will prevent your photos and memories from yellowing.

Lella Loves... Scrapbooking

Here is a list to help get you started. These are essential supplies which every scrapper should have. Remember, only purchase acid-free and lignin-free items.

  • 12 x12 scrapbook album and papers 
  • Glue pens or sticky dots
  • Gel pens or A-Z stickers for journaling 
  • Scissors and a craft knife
  • Guillotine or paper trimmer
  • Imagination!
If you really enjoy scrapbooking and you are interested in adding to your crafting stash, you could purchase the following items to enhance your pages: 

  • Decorative letters
  • Eyelets and brads
  • Fibers and ribbons
  • Buttons and charms/stick-on gems
  • Embellishments and 3D stickers/toppers
  • Rubber stamps

Fabulous scrapbooking kits are available from stores such as Hobby Craft or Dunelm.

Have fun and start a scrapbook today :)

Lella  xx

1 comment:

  1. What a lovely blog - am glad you have discovered scrapping - its so therapeutic - have often lost myself for a few hours in it but be warned it is so addicitive!

    Fab blog - shall keep popping in to have a peek!

    Elaine x


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