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Friday, 10 February 2012

Silk Flowers (Persimmon)

There are no actual flowers in today's post. Instead, I used these amazing persimmon fruits - on stems - from Sia. They are everlasting, not real, even though they look and feel like ripe fruits to touch.

I bought every single one the lady could find around the store!

Lella Loves... Everlasting Fruits

To recreate this display, you will need:

15 everlasting persimmon fruits on stems
Enamel jug
Marbles or glass nuggets

Lella Loves... Everlasting Fruits

Each stem has two fruits and the attention to detail is fabulous.

It might seem a large initial outlay for one display but, over time, it is pennies per week. These persimmons were £5.50 a stem and on that same day, a bunch of 6 Madonna lilies was £40: I opted for the fruity stems and, 7 years later they are still here.

Lella Loves... Everlasting Fruits

I used 15 stems in this display and to start, I filled the old enamel jug with glass nuggets.

Lella Loves... Everlasting Fruits

Taking one stem at a time, arrange in the spout first, then work your way around the jug.

Lella Loves... Everlasting Fruits

You should aim for that, 'Just picked' look to your display.

Lella Loves... Everlasting Fruits

This is the end result and I love it. It appears to be top-heavy but it's not.

Do leave me a comment if you too enjoy arranging everlasting fruits and twigs as well as silk flowers.

Have a great day.

Lella  xx

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