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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Cupcake Tea Towel

Hello there and today's project requires a sewing machine for ease and speed. Here is a cupcake which I made from old clothes. I assure you that applique and patchwork is great fun and very addictive.  

This cupcake is easy to design and sew. Simply draw your own templates, cut and sew the cupcake and applique it to a tea towel.

Lella Loves... Applique

I recycled a stunning red floral dress - it was never going to fit me - I only bought it for the fabric! The pink material was a beautiful sequinned cotton tunic which saved me time hand-sewing all the silver twinkles.

If you wanted to give your tea towel a yummy cupcake, you will need:

Plain fabric for the cake case
Floral fabric for the cake top
Backing fabric
Card and pencil
Sewing machine
Tea towel

To start, take your chosen fabrics and iron them.

Lella Loves... Applique

Take two pieces of card and draw a cupcake base, making sure that you leave an extra inch when you cut out your template. Free-hand draw the cupcake top and draw as your heart desires. I drew a large over-baked cake with three swags but yours could be just one swag or five.

Lella Loves... Applique

Lay your templates on your chosen fabrics, pin them and cut out. 

Lella Loves... Applique

I used a sewing machine to stitch mine to a piece of backing fabric. This gives the cupcake stability and enables you to outline the cupcake with a contrasting thread.

Lella Loves... Applique

I chose a pink tea towel but yours should be the colour to match your own fabrics.

Lella Loves... Applique

Have a play with different buttons if you fancied adding a 'cherry' to your cupcake.

Lella Loves... Applique

I hope you try this little project as it is rather satisfying to pick up a tea towel that you made look so fabulous. Start to gather cotton off-cuts and if you don't like cupcakes why not draw a teapot or a chicken. Create something you will enjoy using.

Have a lovely day 

Lella  xx

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