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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Beans and Pulses (Bottles)

If you are in the crafting mood today, please take a look at this creative way to use up packets of beans and pulses you might have in your cupboard.

By re-using old bubble bath and olive oil bottles, you can make a little kitchen display for less than a few pounds.

Lella Loves... Bean Bottles

To make a display like this, you will need:

Two clear bottles
Packets of seeds, beans or pulses
Corks or other stoppers

Lella Loves... Bean Bottles

Using the funnel, empty your chosen filling into the bottles. The bottles need to be absolutely bone dry or else the contents will go mouldy. Fill to your desired level.

Lella Loves... Bean Bottles

Make sure your levels are the same in each bottle.

These are two more examples of bottles which are perfect for this project.

Lella Loves... Bottles

Keep your eyes open in charity shops for large bottles such as these as they often turn up for a couple of pounds.

Lella Loves... Bean Bottles

When choosing your contents, be creative in your thinking and choose cheap produce which will look good in a glass container. 

Don't be afraid to have pasta pieces in one bottle if you want to have mung beans in another. As long as the bottles are similar, the overall effect will look good.

Here is a huge olive oil bottle with a brass tap. I found this one at a car boot sale and I already had a similar bottle. 

Lella Loves... Bean Bottles

I filled it with kidney beans as they are cheap to purchase and look great.

Lella Loves... Bean Bottles

Another way to enhance your display is to think about the stoppers you use. If the bottle previously contained oil or vinegar then you most probably won't be able to reuse the cork. 

Lella Loves... Corks and Stoppers

I save all sorts of stoppers. By keeping a little store of corks and rubber bungs, I always have something to plug a bottle.

Lella Loves... Bottles

I have a couple of glass peppers so I popped one of them in as a stopper simply for effect. It only sits loosely in the bottle's neck.

Lella Loves... Bottles

I hope you take the time to try this. It is fun and cheap to do. Children love to pour and fill containers so you could use jam jars and various big pasta shapes.

Have fun and feel free to leave a comment if you enjoyed this project.

Lella  xx

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