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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Wreath (Handmade)

If you have ever wondered how to make a twiggy wreath, similar to this shop-bought example, I will show you in this easy blog-make.

Lella Loves... Handmade Wreaths

You can make your own for pennies. Much less than this large wreath which would be around £12.50.

Lella Loves... Hand-made Wreaths

Here is my finished wreath which took about 20 minutes. The only cost to this is the garden twine.

To follow this blog-make, you will need:

Garden twine

Lella Loves... Garden Twine

The first thing to do is to cut yourself a handful of 6 inch ties of garden twine. The reason for bright orange twine will become apparent as you make your wreath.

Lella Loves... Greenery

You will want access to a healthy honeysuckle bush. Try not to use cuttings unless they are garden fresh! Dried stems are not pliable and will snap.

Lella Loves... Handmade Wreaths

Turn your bucket upside down as you will use it to form your wreath.

Lella Loves... Handmade Wreaths

Take a metre of honeysuckle and strip the leaves off.

Lella Loves... Handmade Wreaths

Wrap it around your bucket and cross it over at the front.

Lella Loves... Handmade Wreaths

Using your twine, make a knot to secure your first ring.

Lella Loves... Handmade Wreaths

When you have made the first ring, trim off any long tails. Now take more honeysuckle and make another ring, then tie together.

Lella Loves... Handmade Wreaths

When your two rings are tied together, you have made your wreath's frame.

Now take more honeysuckle and wind it around the frame by going under and over.

Build your wreath to the size you want but, if you intend on dressing it, take into account the size of your decorations as you don't want to make it too bulky.

You could decorate with silk flowers, rusty bells, pine cones or ribbons. The choice is yours. Let your creativity flow - that's my motto!

Lella Loves... Hand-made Wreaths

This is how your finished wreath should look after about 20 minutes' work.

By using bright orange twine, you are still able to see it as your wreath grows.

Leave the twine in place as your wreath will take about a week to dry. The ties will become loose as the honeysuckle shrinks and then the orange twine will be easy to see to snip off.

Lella Loves... Handmade Wreaths

I hope you enjoyed today's blog-make and please try making one for the upcoming season.

If you make a few now, they will have time to dry and you will be ahead of yourself with Christmas gifts for friends and family.

Have fun :)

Lella  xx

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