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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Vintage Kitchen Equipment (Hand Tools)

Hello :)  It's the weekend again and time for a good rummage around a car boot sale.

Today I am going to show you my little collection of old and modern kitchen equipment. I love finding basic kitchen tools at the bottom of a box or in amongst old pots and pans. Most of my collection was bought over the past 12 years from car boot sales.

Lella Loves... Kitchen Tools

I keep all my tools in a cast iron fondue pot. Choosing a weighty container prevents the whole lot toppling over.

Lella Loves... Kitchen Tools

AVictorian hand-held whisks. These were bought from the same lady and I think they are C1880/90. I obviously do not use them as they are rusty but I love them. 

Lella Loves... Kitchen Tools

And another vintage hand-held whisk. 

Lella Loves... Kitchen Tools

A few examples of other whisks. The wooden handled whisk (below) is from the 1970s and the smaller stainless steel version is modern. 

Lella Loves... Kitchen Tools

This slatted spoon is a nice example of a serving spoon for scallops. It is only EPNS but it is very stylish.

Lella Loves... Kitchen Tools

Here is a very pretty silver sugar spoon.

Lella Loves... Kitchen Tools

I like salad/pickled onion forks. Here is a fork and a 1970's pronged plunger in stainless steel.

Lella Loves... Kitchen Tools

These are two variations on honey servers. The top one is called a honey 'twizzle' and the spoon is made for specifically resting on the edge of the jar.

Lella Loves... Kitchen Tools

These are olive servers both with drainage.

Lella Loves... Kitchen Tools

 Lemon squeezers C1950.

Lella Loves... Kitchen Tools

Two wooden tools. The large one is a pattern wheel for shortbread and the tiny wheel is an edging roller for pastry.

Lella Loves... Kitchen Tools

To prevent wooden tools from cracking, keep away from hot ovens or radiant heat. 

Have a good time today. Look out for tiny mustard spoons, Tala icing sets and old scone cutters which bring back childhood memories of cooking with Mother.

Have fun!

Lella xx

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  1. Where can I find a wooden handled whisk? I lost my mine. Thank you, Leilani


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