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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Framing Up (Cards)

Today's little project is short and sweet. Very sweet! 

If you like to have pretty pictures in frames instead of your great aunt and her cats, why not try framing up a greeting card or a cut-out from a box.

I chose to frame up a lovely card - pink iced biscuits - from a pack of 12 which are only £1.99 in a clearance book store.

Lella Loves... Picture Frames

I encourage you to rummage in the reducement section in TK Maxx. Here is a glossy frame I found for £3 last week. The frame's lacquered colour is similar to thick and fruity black cherry yoghurt.

Lella Loves... Picture Frames

Don't be afraid of coloured frames as they can look fabulous when matched up with the right image.

If you liked the look of this project, you will need:

Favourite Greeting Card

To get started, remove the label and slide the back off.

Lella Loves... Picture Frames

Do not throw away the inner piece of cardboard as it is a support for the mount.

Select you chosen card.

Lella Loves... Picture Frames

You can just see in the photo, at this stage you need to add two pieces of sellotape to the top and bottom of the card. 

*Tip: Stick the sellotape to your clothes first as the layer of clothing fluff will dull the tape's adhesive. If you make a mistake with the mounting, this tip will allow you to reposition without tearing either the mount or the image.

Lella Loves... Picture Frames

Now take your mount and, with the card facing up, place the mount over the image and gently press on the sellotape.

Lella Loves... Picture Frames

Slide the mount and the cardboard backing into the frame and secure with the backboard.

Lella Loves... Picture Frames

This is how your finished card should look. Choose an image you love looking at. It is fun to frame up your favourite birthday card. I chose biscuits as I want to use this framed image as a book-end for the cookery book shelf.

Keep an eye open for bargain frames and don't worry if the glass is damaged. I have an idea for a frame like that next week.

See you soon

Lella  xx

1 comment:

  1. Love this and also love the idea to fluff the tape up so you can position the tape xx



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