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Monday, 26 September 2011

Bunting (Calico)

Hello there and Happy Monday! Today's post shows you how to jazz up some single-sided, plain cotton bunting.

I usually make mine and my flags are double-sided so I know the effort required. After seeing this beaded calico bunting, there was now way I could leave it in the shop: all of it was coming home with me.

Lella Loves... Bunting

I found this in Oxfam. Not donated goods; it was in their Fair Trade - New Goods section - and it was only £4.99.

The beautiful beads were already sewn on: that alone saved me an hour.

Lella Loves... Bunting

These are hand-painted gift tags and they are wooden so they make great embellishments.

Snip off the loops and save the twine for decorating your seasonal wreath or maybe you are following yesterday's blog-make. If you wanted to make your own twiggy wreath, here is the link:

Lella Loves... Bunting

The weight of the wooden tags helps the bunting to swing nicely. By adding alternate shapes, you can create very simple but joyful decorations for an older child's room.

I love this look and it took no time at all to create.

Keep your eyes open for unusual decorations in the run up to the festive season and think of ways to enjoy them all year round.

Lella  xx

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