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Monday, 5 September 2011

Wreath (Scrap Fabrics)

Hello there and Happy Monday :)

Today's project is an on-going one as I started it the other day and I hope to work on it every couple of days for an hour. If you fancy making one, you will need the following items to get you started:

Lella Loves... Wreaths

Twiggy wreath
Bag of fabric scraps and off-cuts

Take your pieces of fabric and cut up strips about an inch wide and about 4 inches long. 

Lella Loves... Scrap Fabrics

You will find that using checks and plaids, it is easier to use the lines as a guide. Try and use proper fabric scissors or treat yourself to a new pair of scissors and keep them for cutting your materials and never let them cut paper.

Lella Loves... Scrap Fabrics

Cut up one large piece of material such as this black and white (it was a gingham shirt) or rummage in your fabrics box and select 30 or 40 matching scraps.

Lella Loves... Scrap Fabrics

If you have a wide selection of material, have fun and take time choosing your fabrics and deciding the width of your strips. 

Lella Loves... Scrap Fabrics

When you are happy with your fabric selection, take your twiggy wreath and simply tie each strip on with two granny knots. There should be about 1.5'' of fabric on each tail but cut your strips to a length you are happy with.

Lella Loves... Wreaths

Starting with one tie, add contrasting fabrics one after the other. I had pre-cut six pieces of fabric into strips. 

Lella Loves... Wreaths

Tie your fabrics on and push them together every six bows. The idea is to build up a depth of fabrics.

Lella Loves... Wreaths

When you make yours, divide the strips into piles of four so you have four points on the wreath to start the build up of bows.

Lella Loves... Wreaths

This is as far as I reached on day one as the cutting of the fabric takes the time.

Keep an eye on this project and I will add photos as I progress. Using scrap fabrics is very satisfying and I hope you read my post on joining a scrapstore.

Please read if you are interested in reusing old curtains, recycled clothing, fabric samples and clean commercial waste from fabric manufactures.

Pop back soon

Lella  x

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