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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Religious Icons

If you browse American decorating magazines or French books on stylish interiors, you will see fabulous homes with beautiful statues and religious figures on display.

Many extremely wealthy rock stars have been known to purchase and restore old monasteries or Catholic retreats and within those beautiful buildings there are stone statues, wooden carvings or large plasterwork figurines. This proves that you do not need to be religious to appreciate something for its intrinsic beauty.

Many of my items have been found at flea markets but eBay (international auctions) is a great source for new collectors.

Lella Loves... Religious Icons

This is a Christmas card which I thought was so lovely it deserved framing.

Lella Loves... Religious Icons

As a collector of small religious icons, I am easy to buy for when my friends go on holiday.

Lella Loves... Religious Icons

This Madonna figurine was bought for me last year in Italy and the candelabra was £3 at a car boot sale.

Lella Loves... Religious Icons

If you see an item which really touches your heart, of course, you should have it and display it proudly.

There are no rules on how to decorate your own personal space. You should live it, love it and enjoy it. If you like to burn candles or your like to meditate, create a quiet space within your home.

You might already have a sitting Buddha but you might not be a Buddhist.

Live your life how you feel is right for you.

Bright Blessings to you today and many thanks for dropping by :)

Lella  xx



  1. I love how you say, live your life by what feels right for you.

    Those are wise words.

    Your figurine of Mary is just beautiful.

    I also like the small library card drawers.



  2. I love Mary with her cape flowing out behind her. I don't know much about icons so I'm not sure which one is St. Rita. It's funny that you wrote this on Oct. 18 (it's still the 17th here) and my birthday is the 19th. I'd like to know which one it is. Thank you. I do agree about having icons in the home. I just don't do it.

  3. These are such beautiful displays of religeous icons..and timely right before Christmas to start thinking about displays! Thank you for your sweet comment and for adding my button! The sweet girls over at 'The Picket Fence' helped me make it! Christie at Three Pixie Lane

  4. You have such lovely pieces Lella and we are just so thrilled that you shared them with us this week at Inspiration Friday! So glad it all worked out! :-)

  5. love having religious icons in my home too!

    found you via romantic home and would love to have you stop by and enter my shabby chic giveaway:

    have a wonderful week.



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