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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Holey Stones

One of my favourite things to do is to go to a beach and search for pebbles with holes in them. They are called holey stones and I love them!

Lella Loves... Holey Stones

Throughout history, many cultures have believed holey stones - stones which have holes created completely by the power of nature - have healing and magical properties.

Lella Loves... Holey Stones

When you wake up to a bright blue sky and a light breeze, there is no better place to be than beside the seaside. Collecting other pebbles, shells and driftwood is all part of the beach comber's day out.

Lella Loves... Kitchenalia

I take my old enamel tin and let the stones show themselves to me.

Lella Loves... Holey Stones

There is a beach comber in all of us.

Lella Loves... Holey Stones

They are believed to carry the wisdom of the ages so I wish you bright blessings and may you find a holey stone next time you go to the beach.

*Tip: Holey stones have natural holes in them, created completely by wave motion and water erosion. Pick them off a beach and the knowledge and secrets of the ocean will remain with your stone.

If you believe in magic, Dummies has an informative page so pop over there and have a look:

Have a lovely day :)

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