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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Old Wooden Drawers

If I see an old, single, wooden drawer, I simply have to buy it. This little oak beauty cost me £2 and I love the fact that it has had a life.

Single drawers make great little storage boxes but the best use is as a shelf.

Lella Loves... Old Wooden Drawers

I have used similar drawers on the dinner table for cutlery and napkins. However, you could pop post-it notes, pens and scissors in here and keep it by the phone.

When buying objects which catch your eye, don't worry too much about where you will put them. They will find a use once home.

Lella Loves... Old Wooden Drawers

A little bit of damage doesn't bother me. It has earned its keep in someone's home.

I wonder what was kept in the drawers? Where was it kept in the house?

Lella Loves... Old Wooden Drawers

The handle is exquisite and I wonder how many people have opened this drawer?

One of the secrets to creating your own interior style is to not be afraid of recontextualising pieces. Using this drawer as an example, I am suggesting that you look at it from another angle.

Lella Loves... Old Wooden Drawers

By using this single drawer as a shelf, it has been taken out of context (from the original chest of drawers) and made useful as a cubbyhole or even as a cutlery holder.

What you are doing is taking something from its usual setting and making it work within your own space. Be creative and make your own rules.

Just by turning it on its side, you are able to give the drawer a different point of view.

Lella Loves... Old Wooden Drawers

This photo shows a little collection of religious items which I have gathered over the past few years. If something makes you smile, buy it. Take it home and enjoy it.

After all, it is your home and your found objects need to pay their rent in beauty or usefulness.

Have a lovely day. I hope you will look at single drawers in a whole new light :)

Lella  xx

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