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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Architectural Salvage

This pretty window was a bargain find. It's a £2 super-pick!

I know it sounds daft but I love it. It's a fanlight window from the early part of the 20th century and was most probably salvaged from a property which was being demolished.

Lella Loves... Architectural Salvage

I look at the leaded lights and the peeling paintwork and wonder how many folk have looked out of these windows. How many proud housewives cleaned them, week in, week out?

More importantly, I know that I saved it from becoming landfill just by having my bargain radar switched on.

Lella Loves... Architectural Salvage

"How?" I hear you ask. Well, I noticed that the seller had put a few windows at the side of his stall yet he had loads piled up at the front. I asked him why - after all, it seemed odd - and he replied, "Oh, they have cracked panes of glass."

Lella Loves... Architectural Salvage

The windows on his stand had a big sign saying £10 each so I simply asked if he would mind me taking a look at the broken ones.

As I walked around the corner, I realised that the windows were leaning up next to the bins. The dealer must had already written them off. He had obviously decided that the best place for them was in the commercial waste!

I saw my little window and its cracked pane. Damage doesn't worry an old-time picker like me so I asked if £2 would buy it. He said yes and we were both happy :)

Lella Loves... Architectural Salvage

And so I brought it home.

My feeling is that a crack adds character and reminds me that the window is more than twice my age. The diamond of riven glass creates a little pool of red light.

Lella Loves... Architectural Salvage

Lella Loves... Architectural Salvage

I have sat it in the window with a few other pieces of red glass for that cherry pop of colour when the sun shines.

If you like my little window, visit larger flea markets or even a salvage yard. I have noticed windows on eBay but, obviously, only search for items from eBayers in your area. Select the 'Distance: Nearest' from the drop-down menu on the sort button.

Every now and then, why not visit different salvage businesses. With the winter coming, you will find there are deals to be had. Enjoy a wander around a reclaim yard and it is always worth asking if they have a clearance corner or any damaged items at a lower price. Never be afraid to ask. The worst someone can say is no.

Many thanks for reading and keep smiling.

Lella  xx

1 comment:

  1. Hi Lella,
    What a bargin. I love your little window. A real treasure! And it is perfect in your window.
    Xoxo Ingrid


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