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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Handbag Flowers

Handbags. That one word has a hypnotic effect on me and I have loved them since 1984.

In today's post, I wanted to show you how easy it is to take a big bag, add a big flower and have a big look for the new season. If you too love bags and like to show some style, try my suggestion.

Lella Loves... Handbag Flowers

I am obsessed with orange and October is the month to flaunt it.

This total look cost me less than £10. I am a fan of colour blocking and the flower is my perfect partner.

Lella Loves... Handbag Flowers

The bag was £6 from Primark.

Lella Loves... Handbag Flowers

The flower brooch was £3 from Evie Rose.

To get this look, you will need:

Big bag in a bold colour  (Any excuse to buy a new one!)
Large flower brooch

Lella Loves... Handbag Flowers

Take your bag and swing it on to your shoulder. Get a feel for how you will carry it as this dictates where your flower should go.

Remove all tags.

Lella Loves... Handbag Flowers

Decide where you want the flower to sit. A single flower is best suited to the end of the handle.

Lella Loves... Handbag Flowers

Unpin the safety clasp and take care when attaching to the bag.

Lella Loves... Handbag Flowers

And here is the final look. I love it.

Have fun with your bags and create your own style. You could use beads or make yourself a handbag charm, following my blog-make from last month:

For more chic styling, look out for my upcoming post on how to use scarves and neckerchiefs on your bags.

Pop back soon,

Lella  xx

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