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Monday, 31 October 2011

Crows and Pumpkins

I love crows and pumpkins and as today is Hallowe'en, I thought I would share a few items from my collection with you. This lovely crow rocker is nigh-on life-size. It is wooden and sits happily amongst my homemade felt acorns keeping his beady eye on everything.

Lella Loves... Crows

If you wanted to see how I made those little acorns, here is the link to my blog-make:

I also made the patchwork cushions in the back and here is the link to them:

Lella Loves... Country Chic

Folk art is something which will fit into most homes as it offers that handmade look with effortless country chic. If you see pieces you love to look at, don't leave them behind for the sake of a few pennies. We can all make money but where will you find that piece of folk art again?

These old wooden steps are 60 years old and the wood is so spongey from woodworm holes that once they had been dipped, they are only used as display. I have had them about 10 years and they add dimension to my collections.

Lella Loves... Crows

These crows came as a set, with the carved pumpkin, and I bought it off eBay USA about 4 years ago. Crow items are hard to find in the UK so if you like folky decor, browse and be prepared to fall in love with pretty things on offer from American eBayers.

Lella Loves... Crows

One of my favourite sayings is that if you don't buy something when you see it, maybe simply because you don't like the price, the expression, "You will follow the crows for it." means that you would regret not buying something at the time. 

This delightful chipwood pumpkin was nearly left behind as I thought to myself, "Do I really need another pumpkin ornament?".

Lella Loves... Pumpkins

However, after I put it down and walked away, I saw someone else pick it up and I panicked (even though I had decided it wasn't for me). That sealed the deal and the cheery fellow now sits in my home. It proves that the 300 pennies was not the issue but more so, where would I find another?

The 'follow the crows' saying also means that a person would miss something after it was gone so be extra sure before you put something down in a store - like I did - as it might sell to the next person who comes along.

Lella Loves... Pumpkins

Have things in your home which you love to look at. By displaying your items, you will get a sense of satisfaction every time you look at them. Don't be afraid to mix and match your own collections. This dresser has a couple of pieces of kitchenalia, some vintage pharmacy bottles, little birds and a few pumpkins.

Lella Loves... Pumpkin

I look at this photo and know that it represents me at this time in my life. It shows my loves, my collections: my happy place :)

Enjoy your space and fill it with items which reflect your personality. Decorate with love, using the things you love and it will shine through.

Happy Hallowe'en everybody.

Lella  xx

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